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Oyster Pearl Zodiac Necklace

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New to the Wish Pearl: Pendant sets in your own zodiac sign! Treat yourself or a loved one to a horoscope pendant pearl-in-oyster gift set. Jewelry kit comes with zodiac pendant sign, and sealed oyster in the can. The oyster has a minimum of 18-month shelf life and does not need to be refrigerated. 

You will also receive, with the gift box a personalized description of your horoscope upon purchase of this jewelry boxed set.

  • Make a wish and enjoy the health, happiness, success, love, wisdom, & wealth that each unique pearl color symbolizes
  • A glittering pearl awaits you to brighten your mood
  • The color of the pearl you receive is a mystery until you open the clam
  • Comes with a Pendant which is the perfect vessel to show off your gorgeous pearl



  • 1x Cage Locket
  • 1x Oyster containing a freshwater cultured pearl
  • 1x 18" long chain
  • 1x Tool to open oyster

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